ASUS vs HP laptops

ASUS vs HP laptops

Welcome to the topic ASUS vs HP laptops.

Choosing a laptop can be daunting. There are so many laptop brands and models that it’s hard to know where to start! This article compares two of the most popular laptops on the market today, Asus vs. HP. If you’re looking for something new, read on before you buy!

Comparison ASUS vs. HP laptops

Technical Components

Well, in this department, it’s a draw between these two popular laptop brands.

The simple rule when comparing ASUS and HP laptop’s components is the higher the money, the better will be the specs.

Both HP and ASUS are known for high-quality machines that you can use for any purpose. However, these high-end come with a hefty price tag. To some extent, we can say that Asus is doing much better with the lower-end laptops compared to the HP.

Besides, both these brands have adequate RAM, SSDs, and both are edged towards 4-cored processors even in their mid-range devices.

Display and Picture Quality

Although the HP laptops are popular due to their vibrant display but ASUS is not that far behind. In terms of display quality and sizes, both brands have the smallest laptops in their lineup, i.e., 13″ to large 17-inches laptops.

HP has been the producer of mostly entertainment-based laptops, with years worth of experience satisfying your visual needs. On the other hand, Asus knows how to please gamers by providing some unmatched cinematic quality display in their devices.

Both brands support NVIDIA’s Graphics card in their premium picks and Intel Graphics in their mid-range laptops. Overall, HP leads the market, but ASUS competes well.

Looks and Build Quality

Both these brands are award-winning brands and perform well when it comes to appearance and designs. Still, we will rate HP above ASUS.

This is because HP knows how to attract users and is unmatched at introducing its laptops, even if the device is not that good. With stunning colors and looks, their machines look much appealing than the others.

Whereas Asus has plenty of fresh and breathtaking designs, but you will only see those in their premium lineup. ASUS’s mid-range laptops are not that lively.

So, if you are low on a budget, HP is the best bet for you. Conversely, as for durability and assurance, you can trust both these brands.

With their sturdy military-standard build, the Asus laptops are perfect for those who need to be on their feet all day long. HP’s builds do not compare and can’t match up in this department–so if you’re an adventurer or clumsy person looking out for durability, then I would recommend getting one of these instead.

Bottom Line

HP is loved for creating laptops that are both entertainment-oriented and professional. In contrast, Asus has a reputation in the gaming world focusing on durability, which leads to innovation. It is also ideal for gamers who want an unbeatable experience from their favorite games.

So, Asus or HP? That’s a really tough question. In simple words, if you’re looking for durability and sturdiness in your laptop, go with Asus as they’ve been around longer than other brands, so their laptops are more durable too.

However, if the style matters for you the most, then look no further because HP has got precisely what you need: sleek lines that will match any casual or professional environment.

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