is ps4 vr worth it

Is PS4 VR Worth It?

The original PSVR (PlayStation Virtual Reality) headset was released back in 2016. Six years later, is PS4 VR worth it?

The short answer is absolutely! PSVR has dozens of exclusive games on it, games that are unavailable on other VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 and Valve Index. Also getting a PSVR is cheaper than other options like a Valve Index which costs $1000 for the entire kit. A PSVR bundle (the headset plus a game) costs less than half of that.

So if you are in the market to buy a cheap, but solid VR headset, consider buying a PSVR by clicking the image or link below.

Click here to price check it on Amazon or the image below.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the PSVR before buying, check out the rest of this blog post.

Requirements for PS4 VR

Not much is required to get your PS4 VR up and running, but there are important things to make you have ready before you buy.

  1. Obviously, to run a PlayStation headset you will need a PS4. A PS5 will work, but you will need an adapter to connect the camera. Check below for an affiliate link to an adapter. A PSVR has limited usage on PC and requires a lot of extra work to get it running on your computer.

2. Make sure you have plenty of room for your VR play area. You don’t want to be bumping into walls, objects, or anything when you are in VR. You’ll also be setting up a camera

That’s pretty much, all the necessary cables should come with the PSVR package when you purchase it. Except for the adapter if you are using a PS5.

What Games are Available on PSVR?

While the popular games like Beat Saber, SUPERHOT, No Man’s Sky, and Skyrim are on the PSVR. The PSVR has a huge list of exclusive games unavailable on other headsets.

For example, Resident Evil 7 can only be played in VR on a PlayStation VR headset.

If you want to play Resident Evil 7 in VR then I would say PS4 VR is worth it.
Just one of the many exclusives available.

Other games include Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Iron Man VR, Firewall: Zero Hour, and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

The point is, I could go on and on listing all sorts of games from horror, to shooters, to racing games, platformers, and more. There are tons of games on PSVR for all ages, genres, and gamers. You’re bound to find something that will hold your interest.

Will There be a New PSVR Headset in the Future?

We can’t say with any certainty since there haven’t been any officials announcements from Sony. But we think so. We just don’t know when. Could be next year, could take three more years, nobody knows for sure.

With that being said, you don’t have to worry about your PSVR headset “going bad” or getting outdated. Sony has already stated that the PSVR is compatible with the PS5, again, you just need to buy the adapter.

If they decide to release a new headset with brand new games, this PSVR headset will be able to get the job done. You see, this VR headset is not a standalone one, meaning it uses the power of the console it is connected to in this case. Your headset will be able to play any brand new games that release on the PS5 without issue.

We’re saying that the PSVR is future-proof at the time being, so don’t feel like it’s money wasted even if a brand new headset were to be announced tomorrow.

What are the Benefits of PSVR?

We’re going to list as many reasons as we can think of as to why the PSVR would make a great headset.

  • Cheaper than most other headsets
  • Only requires a PS4
  • Can work with PS5
  • Tons of VR games to choose from, many are exclusive to PSVR
  • Easy to set up and start playing
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours
  • Still new games being made for PSVR

What are the Downsides of PSVR?

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows we’ll try to list all the downsides as well:

  • Hard to find in stock, Amazon mostly has it in Renewed condition
  • Can work with PS5, but you need to buy an adapter
  • Six-year-old headset, some games might look a bit dated compared to newer games and headsets
  • Wired
  • Spotty tracking since it only uses one camera
  • Comfort levels vary from person to person


Here’s a list of commonly asked questions you might have before you consider buying.

How much physical space do you recommend for PSVR?

It is recommended to have 3 meters x 2 meters of total space. This gives you ample room. Make sure to remove any objects in the area. Make sure you are not too close to any walls either.

How Comfortable is the Headset?

Unfortunately, this is not a question we can have a correct answer to. Comfort levels differ for everyone, what might be comfortable for you might be uncomfortable for someone else. If you have any friends with this headset you could always try it that way.

Do I need a TV to play in VR?

Yes, to configure some settings you will need to do it outside of the headset. Also, a TV allows others to see what you see, great for party settings.

Are the PS Move controllers required for all games?

No. A lot of games can be played with your DUALSHOCK 4 controller if you wish. However, some games do require two move controllers, check the requirements of each game before you buy.

Are there new games being made for PSVR in 2022?

Yes, while development has certainly slowed down for the PSVR, it is not at a halt. There have been four new games that have been released for the PSVR so far this year.

Can I watch movies with the PSVR?

Yes, PSVR has a Cinematic mode that allows you to do this. You will need the PS camera for the first-time setup.

Can PSVR work with a PS5?

Yes, but you will need to buy an adapter for the camera. You can purchase one using this link.

Conclusion: Is PS4 VR Worth it?

We hope that by reading this extensive overview of PlayStation VR you were able to come to a decision. We think that this headset is still absolutely worth it, especially if you are interested in trying out VR.

If it does, there is a lot more to explore in the world of VR headsets, the technology has improved over the years and continues to do so.

If you have any other questions about the PlayStation VR headset please leave a comment down below.

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