Top 6 Popular Video Games that Start with V

Why the letter V and not the other 25 letters in the alphabet? Honestly, I have no idea. This could always end up becoming a thing where I make a blog post for each letter of the alphabet, who knows.

Now, before we begin our list of the video games that start with v, we just want to say that our picks are just our opinion. They do not mean that a game is simply better than another, nor does the order matter in this blog post. Just take the blog post with a huge grain of salt.

1. Vampire Survivors

best video games that start with v

Probably one of the biggest surprises of the year, becoming one of the more popular games among streamers and YouTubers. The concept is simple, kill lots of monsters and try to survive as long as you can. The goal is 30 minutes. From slaying the undead hordes to lizards, and other nasty creatures.

As you slay hordes of monsters, you accumulate EXP from the gems that they drop. When you level up you get 3-4 choices of either a new weapon, an upgrade to an existing weapon, or a relic that gives you a passive boost. Giving the game a very rogue-lite feel.

Not only that, but you also gain money the longer you survive. This gives you access to a wide range of characters with different abilities and stats. You can also use your hard-earned coin to upgrade characters even further by giving them more damage, health, and armor.

Did we mention that this game is only $3? This game has a surprising amount of replayability for a game that is so cheap. It reminds me of Terraria. It has a lot going for it.

Also, the game is constantly being updated for FREE, new stages, characters, and weapons are constantly being added keeping the game fresh.

Currently, it is only available on Steam. We hope to see this game available on more platforms in the future, this would make a great mobile game with how easy it is to control.

2. Valheim

valheim video games that start with v

Definitely one of the more popular games last year, it’s still an early access game meaning that it is still being developed with new content added periodically. Valheim is like Minecraft on steroids, with a lot more to do. You and your friends, up to ten players, embark on a journey on a procedurally-generated purgatory.

An open-world survival game with crafting, which might sound a cliché these days, but Valheim does it well. Giving the player a huge world to explore, and not just crafting weapons and armor. But giving players the ability to build and design a whole base of operations. You can upgrade your base to a fully fortified fortress.

And the enemies and bosses you encounter are gigantic with more challenging ones being added in each update.

If you’re looking to get lost in a world filled with mystery and danger, check out Valheim either by yourself or grab a group of friends and experience it together. You can also grab this game on Humble Bundle by using our affiliate link below.

3. VRChat

VRChat video games that start with V

Might be a tiny bit of a controversial pick since there could be a debate on whether VRChat counts as a “game”. We think so, Second Life had a similar concept, and we think that counts as a game. Not your typical kind of game though that’s for sure.

So what is VRChat? It’s a free game that is compatible with any VR device and can be used as a desktop experience for non-VR users. In this game, you can choose a model to identify as, you’ll see a lot of iconic characters roaming around from various TV shows, games, and the a few originally designed ones.

Remember the movie Ready Player One? VRChat is kind of like that.

There are many different worlds you can explore, but what’s more important is that this is probably the best way to make new friends online.

Sometimes you just want to unwind, chill, and maybe even make a friend or two in the process. All without having to leave your room. VRChat gives you that virtual space to hangout in, all for free.

If you want to download VRChat you can do so on Steam, on your VR device’s app store, or check out the official website for more info.

4. Valorant

the most popular video game that starts with the letter v

How could we not make this list without mentioning probably the most popular game that starts with V? Valorant is developed by Riot Games, the same people that brought you League of Legends. And just like League of Legends, this game is a huge success and has its own ESports scene.

Valorant is Riot’s take on the tactical 5v5 First-Person shooter genre. Similar to games like Rainbow Six: Siege and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, what they do differently compared to their competition, (specifically CSGO) is bring in characters with unique abilities that can change the tide of battle.

New maps, characters, and weapons are always being added, keeping the game fresh and new.

Unfortunately, Riot games tend to bring out the worst in people as this game, just like League, suffers from a very toxic community. The use of voice communication makes things even worse.

However, that being said, Riot can only do so much when there are millions of players all across the globe. Also, we would like to mention that game is also free to play, players can use real money to buy things like character skins if they wish to do so.

Check out what the hype is all about on their official website:

5. Valkyrie Profile

We are including this as the entire series, not any one particular game. That being said, we believe this is one of SquareEnix’s underrated titles. But then again, everything feels underrated when Final Fantasy is so popular.

Nonetheless, Valkyrie Profile makes this list for being an amazing JRPG. With the original almost feeling like it was influenced by Castlevania, except with turn based battles instead.

Once Valkyrie Profile reached the realm of full 3D in its sequel that debuted on the PS2 more depth was added to its combat mechanics. Giving it a unique identity in a world of JRPGs.

Another reason that this game made are list was that after so many years, a new entry into this series, Valkyrie Elysium was announced just last month. It’s great to see Square Enix hasn’t forgotten its less popular franchises, we hope it does well when it releases this year.

You can check out the trailer below for more information.

6. Visage

Finally, to finish off this list we picked Visage, a horror game that was heavily influenced by the famous or maybe infamous P.T that was available for a brief time.

Horror games these days are hardly in the spotlight and usually get a bad rep. Usually known for just being cheap jump scares that make your favorite streamer or YouTuber yell for viewers.

We would like to mention Visage, a game that may have a few jump scares is something more. With its creepy atmosphere and storytelling as you find out what happened to the previous occupants of your new home.

We enjoyed the beautiful and haunting graphics and how the game constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat as you get filled with paranoia about the little noises you hear. Wondering what could be waiting behind the next door.

Bonus Game Mention: Viva Piñata

Bet you didn’t see this one coming did you? The old Xbox 360 exclusive game makes a surprise to our list. In this game, you control the environment to attract up to 60 different kinds of Piñatas to create the ultimate pet paradise.

While it was a game tailored for kids, this game was fun for anyone because of how addicting it was to collect all the piñatas available. It almost felt like sort of like Animal Crossing as players could control the land and decorate to how they saw fit.

It was a nice little game to play, long forgotten over the years. There were sequel games created, but they were not met with much success. Hopefully we see this game franchise make a comeback soon. I feel like if they added a bit more depth to the gameplay, and expanded the amount of piñatas available, Microsoft and Rare would definitely have a solid game on their hands.

More Video Games with the Letter V!

That’s it for our list, did your favorite make the cut? As we mentioned earlier, this list is just our opinion. We are aware that there are several games out there with the letter v that were not mentioned. That doesn’t mean they were bad games or anything. It’s just that if we were to discuss every game with the letter V we would be here forever.

That being said here are a few more games that start with the letter V worth quickly mentioning.

  • Valkyria Chronicles – A series of games influenced by WW2, this is a strategic, turn-based RPG with up to 4 games in the series so far. With a solid story and combat mechanics.
  • Viewtiful Joe – An old-school beat-em-up side scroller. Developed by Capcom, unfortunately, they haven’t decided to bring this guy back. But we can always hope to see him again in the future!
  • Vampyr – Yes, that isn’t a typo. From the creators of Life is Strange, this is a game with great writing and giving the players choice that impacts the story. However this isn’t just a sit back and watches kind of game, this is also a whole RPG experience as you develop new and interesting powers.

Finally, if you want to purchase some of these games listed here most of them are available with our partner, Humble Bundle. Use our affiliate link below:

An affiliate link will allow us to earn a commission if you choose to purchase anything from Humble Bundle at no extra cost to you of course. It is highly appreciated, but not required.

If you want to read up on our other video game-related blog posts, check out the options below.

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