Using laptops in bed

Using laptops in Bed

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If you are reading this, then the chances are that you have a laptop. And you may be using your laptop in bed! But did you know there is actually a right way to do so? Keep reading for tips on how to properly use your laptop in bed without straining yourself or damaging the device.

Tips for using a laptop in bed

Sitting Cross-legged is not good

Sitting cross-legged on your bed with the laptop might feel like a great escape to some, but not for long. The lack of blood flow will leave you feeling weak and tired after some time.

Sitting cross-legged is never an appropriate way to use a laptop in bed as it exemplifies incorrect body posture, and your productivity will be significantly reduced. The best way to use a laptop in bed is to lie down and use it.

The most comfortable and simple way to use a laptop in bed

Another appropriate place to keep the laptop on a bed is your lap. According to experts, the best posture when using a laptop in bed is to lie facing upwards, with raised your knees, and keep your device on your raised lap.

This position will decrease the distance between your face and the laptop’s screen, and you won’t face any strain on your back or neck while using the laptop. However, ensure that your pillows are placed behind your head to keep your neck towards your laptop’s screen.

Room Lighting

If your focus is on how to use a laptop in bed, you must be ready for the worst. This means getting rid of any light sources that could cause problems and waking up with an imbalance on both sides–your eyesight AND what’s inside them.

To prevent that and to protect your eyes, you need to pay attention to the room lighting. In simple words, stay away from:

  • Doors and windows that bring sunlight to your eyes directly.
  • Bulbs and LEDs that force light on you.
  • Illuminations are reflected off your laptop.
  • Too dark rooms.

Are you sleeping sideways? Rotate your laptop’s screen

If you are a side sleeper? Then you should use a laptop in bed via the portrait screen mode. You can do that by using a ‘Windows Mobility center’ and rotating your screen as per your preferences.

Switching the laptop’s screen to portrait mode will let you use the device more comfortably, especially streaming videos.

Use External input devices.

The external devices provide you the freedom to use the laptop in many positions while lying down in your bed. This also saves you and your body from those disturbing unnatural postures. If you maintain a correct angle or position while using the laptop with these external devices, you won’t feel the strain on your neck.

Stretch a Bit

Remember laptops are not made to use in beds; hence there will be some adverse effects. Eliminating these negative effects of using a laptop on your bed is not possible. But you can drastically limit these issues by only stretching once or twice and then taking some time off between each session, so you don’t get too tired.

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