What is my laptop worth

What is My Laptop Worth?

Interested in selling an old laptop, but not quite sure how much to sell it for? Not a problem, we have you covered when it comes to asking the question, “What is my laptop worth?” many people want to get rid of their old laptops and there’s a huge market out there for used laptops. Figuring out how much to sell it for can be a bit tricky, but we’re here to help you every step of the way.

How to Get a Quick Estimate on Your Laptop

The easiest and fastest way to see the value of your laptop is by simply going to a marketplace like eBay or even Amazon. Type the name of your Laptop brand and model, make sure you are looking at “used” condition, and see what the prices look like.

Now, of course, every used laptop’s value is going to be a little different, as there are a lot of different factors when selling a used laptop. The most obvious one is, is it still working? Does it boot up properly to the desktop without any errors? If not, you might want to reconsider selling it and consider fixing it first.

Other things like wear and tear, are there scratches on the exterior of the laptop? Perhaps the markings of an old laptop sticker? Is the monitor still clear? Make sure you give that laptop a proper cleaning before selling as well.

Another thing to consider is if the laptop might have come with any accessories? Some laptops might have come with a power adapter, a carrying case, a separate webcam, etc. Are these accessories still in good and usable condition? If so, great! You might be able to get even more money for your used laptop.

Using an Online Calculator

You might have heard about using a used laptop online calculator to estimate your laptop’s worth. This is a great way to also get a quick estimate, but also keep in mind that an online calculator cannot keep the things mentioned previously when giving you a quote.

To use, Gadget Salvation’s calculator, simply follow this link and do the following:

  1. Click this link https://www.gadgetsalvation.com/sell-laptop
  2. Type in as much info as you can on your laptop, brand model, specs, etc.
  3. Click on the laptop that matches your search query.
  4. Select the cosmetic condition that you think is the most accurate
  5. Select the level of functionality
Finding out what is my laptop worth is using when using an online calculator
You’ll a screen like this once if you followed the steps correctly.

You might get a disappointing result like this, hoping your old laptop would be worth a lot more than the price in our screenshot. That is why it’s important to not just use this calculator as the only resource. Try doing the previous methods mentioned in the blog post as well. Look up your laptop on Amazon and eBay and see if the prices are the same, or perhaps the calculator got the estimate wrong, it happens.

Why is my Laptop Worth so Little?

You did all the price researching for your laptop and what you have seen so far has been disappointing to say the least. It’s understandable, we all want to make money. Something you have to understand however, is that technology is evolving a rapid rate. A laptop that might have been worth $1000 or more when you bought it, especially with added wear and tear, can make the price to less than half.

Not to mention there will always be new, faster, and more powerful laptops released every year as the technology only improves. The new software will be made, making older software irrelevant. Unfortunately, laptops aren’t like an old vintage trading cards or video games where their worth keeps increasing over time.

Used laptop value only decreases over time. So keep that in mind when trying to sell a laptop.

How can I Increase my Used Laptop’s Value?

So you might be looking at all these prices that your laptop is going for currently and might disagree. Say you have a limited version of a laptop. For example, let’s say you have a color of a laptop brand that is no longer available. Just for this made-up scenario, let’s pretend there was a limited edition MacBook Air laptop that was orange.

Apple only made 100 of these orange laptops and no longer makes them. So while the laptop itself might just be the same, performance-wise as the same models of laptop, the color itself is rare and unique. You could probably sell it for a much higher price of course. Again, assuming that the laptop is both great in physical condition, as well as its functionality.

Another example that could increase a used laptop’s value is maybe it has a signature from a celebrity? Maybe you have a gaming laptop that you won in a giveaway and in addition, it was signed by a top-level player, or perhaps someone well known in the community, or even someone deceased like Steve Jobs.

How to Calculate the Price of a Rare Laptop?

what is my laptop worth? how to find the value of my laptop
Short answer: It is not easy

Calculating the prices of these types of things can be very difficult since there won’t be too many examples when researching the price. Even if you did find that mysterious orange laptop, or a rare signature, who’s to say it is authentic and not a forgery? Scary to think about.

The best way in both of these made-up scenarios is to research similar products. The orange laptop example? Try looking up other limited items from the same brand and see how much is selling. If not, try another laptop brand that sells limited versions of their laptops, you might find something similar.

Got a rare signature, but not sure how much it’s worth? Chances they could also have some merchandise that they could have signed, see if there are other products with their signatures. Compare the prices between the product with and without the signature, now apply that to your laptop.

These examples might seem silly and far-fetched, but they are the only ways to increase the value of a used laptop. Collector items tend to sell for a lot more than normal.

How to Determine my Laptop’s Worth?

Something you might want to consider is if you have upgraded your laptop anyway before you sell it. Maybe you added more RAM or increased the storage on your laptop. If you intend to sell your laptop but forgot you upgraded some of its parts, try finding laptops with similar specs to yours to get a more accurate price. There are also many things you should consider before getting a price estimate:

  1. The Brand of a laptop is a powerful thing. Popular brands like Apple or Alienware can simply sell for a lot higher than other brands due to how reputable these brands can be.
  2. Storage is also another factor, how much storage is available on your laptop? 500GB, 1TB, or more? Is the hard drive SSD or HDD? The former would increase the value of the laptop overall due to SSDs loading significantly faster.
  3. Other specs like the GPU and CPU are often the biggest selling point of a laptop. If you are unfamiliar with what a good CPU or a good GPU is, consider researching newer laptops and comparing them with yours or similar specs to see the price difference.

What Should I do Before Selling a Laptop?

After all the research is done and you are confident and content with a price for your used laptop, make sure you do these essential steps before selling:

  1. Make sure you take your files. Use some sort of external storage device if there is anything you want like pictures, documents, and so on.
  2. Perform a factory reset. Microsoft is an easy-to-follow tutorial for how to do this. Click the following link to learn how: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/how-to-refresh-reset-or-restore-your-pc-51391d9a-eb0a-84a7-69e4-c2c1fbceb8dd If you have an older device, just google “How to reset on *insert older OS here*”. For Apple devices here is your link https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT212749

Please note that step 2 is vital. Especially if you plan to sell on a website like eBay. You do not want to sell your laptop, only for that person to have access to personal files that could have your information, like your emails, phone numbers, and passwords!

Finally, as we mentioned earlier, give your laptop a proper cleaning before you sell. No one wants to buy a laptop only to find all the dust on top of it, dirt and grime in between the keyboard keys, and other sorts of nasty stuff on it. There are plenty of tutorials and YouTube videos for quick and easy cleaning.

Should I Still Sell my Laptop?

You might be wondering if all this trouble is worth going through and selling your laptop. The answer to this question is simple, how badly do you need the money? Hopefully, you’re not in a difficult financial situation where you have to sell your laptop, to pay off your bills. If so, we hope the tips and advice here were at least a bit helpful to you.

For those under less financial stress, selling your laptop is better than just letting it sit there collecting dust if you are not actively using it anymore. It might be a hassle and a little work, but depending on the laptop you want to sell, its condition and functionality, you could easily make $500 or even more from your used laptop.

Lastly, if you still decided that selling it is too much work, but you still want to get rid of your used laptop. Then please consider recycling it responsibly, check to see if your local Electronics store, allows you to recycle old electronic devices. Best Buy should have this available at all its locations.

Other options could include donating it to places like Salvation Army (make sure to delete personal data first!) or even just giving it to a friend or relative if you wish.

We hope that whatever option you chose, you are ultimately content with it.

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